Interview on KCUR’s Central Standard

So today I was interviewed on the local NPR station in Kansas City, MO. The program was Central Standard – a great title – hosted by Jubalani Leffal.

Given that this was my first on air, I found Mr. Leffal to be a very well-spoken, well-informed host with insightful questions. I have to admit that about did stumble, stutter, and “um” too much. Overall, I thought the interview went really well.

For any interested in listening to the podcast, click on the link below Then scroll down to just below where the word “Parenting” appears. A new window should pop up. Once it does, click on the mp3 file just below December 07,2011. I come on about at the 30 min point.  Please excuse the fact that I fumble over some answers, the result of interview anxiety.

Stay tuned for a new posting soon. I am giving a book talk tomorrow at Johnson County Community College and will have the video posted to this blog by this weekend.



About Anthony Funari

Hi, thanks for taking time to stop by my blog, Renaissnace Matters. So here's a little bit about me . . . I am student, scholar, reader, writer, teacher, and general enthusiast about the European Renaissance, a.k.a the Early Modern period. In May 2010, I graduated with my doctorate in English Literature from Lehigh University, focusing my dissertation on the literary reaction to the Scientific Revolution. I currently have an article in the recent issue of Early English Studies (EES). Also, keep an eye out for my forthcoming book through Palgrave MacMillan, Francis Bacon and the 17th-Century Intellectual Discourse.
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